Distributing leaflets means generating traffic

What is the best proof that leaflets continue to inspire and activate today? BD myShopi distribute more than 4.5 billion leaflets in letter boxes across the whole of Belgium.

myShopi has been handling leaflet distribution since 1961 and is now responsible for the distribution of 80% of all leaflets on the Belgian market. For years now we have been the constant leaflet distribution partner for supermarket chains such as Carrefour, Lidl and Delhaize. D.I.Y. chains (such as Gamma, Brico, Hubo), department stores (such as Blokker, Kruidvat, etc.) and electronics shops (MediaMarkt, Krëfel, etc.) have been faithful customers for years.

Why opt for leaflet distribution?

  • Gives an overview of your product range
  • Activates the consumer with special offers
  • Generates traffic to the point of sale with your promotions
  • Creates greater awareness of your product, shop or brand
  • Means you can choose a wide reach and match it to your target group 

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